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Healing With Reiki Energy

June 20, 2008

Reiki is universal life force energy – it is Spirit, the essence of who we are.  We all have the power to guide energy to bring healing and balance into our being.  Having provided Reiki training to students in South Florida for approximately 5 years I have witnessed how exciting and empowering it is for people to recognize their ability to work with this powerful energy.  More info on these classes is at

Those in the Miami area are invited to healing reiki circles and to experience a reiki session, especially if you’ve never experienced this before.  Healers have used laying on of hands (either on the body or in the aura) for thousands of years.  This is what Jesus in the Bible is reported to have done, and is a tradition found in virtually all cultures around the Earth.  Mikao Usui, a Japanese monk, created a simple system to help anyone learn how to open themselves up to channeling and guiding this energy.  Anyone can learn this and anyone can do healing work if that is their intention – intention is powerful!